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My Yoga classes are warm, intuitive, inclusive and non-competitive.

I like everyone to feel welcome even if they are a total beginner… There are a mixed group of abilities and ages, so we modify, adjust and align as much as we need throughout the class to get the best out of your body and your practice. I love to focus on alignment and anatomy, Yoga philosophy, and releasing tension from mind and body. I want to help guide each individual to find their own way during class. I try to encourage my students to listen to their bodies, making friends with their breath, keeping in tune with their needs by using mindfulness and holding back when they need to rest.

I want to share and give you the tools to make a practice of your own, reducing stress and anxiety, understanding your body better and increasing well being in your life.

I offer a number of classes around the New Forest area and I am also happy to offer private classes in your own home.

“It’s not just a class but a delicious set of skills for a more fulfilled lifestyle.” .

Private Yoga Lesson with Varvara

Go Private

Booking a private with me allows you to progress at your own rate…I love working with small groups and 1 on 1’s so I can give that extra attention…It’s also a perfect choice if you have a busier lifestyle and want a “Yoga time” that can work more for you.

We can adapt your private class to your needs, whether it’s a Dynamic flow, Gentle stretch or guided meditation and as I’m a qualified Massage therapist there is always the opportunity to book in 30min shoulder/neck and head massage at the end of the class to add in even more self-care.

Private sessions are perfect for those with busy lives, having a child at home and are great for people recovering from injuries.
We can focus on a specific area such as shoulders, neck, back, hips, hamstrings, core strength or addressing issues such as stress relief, difficulty sleeping, health and well-being.

Private 1 on 1 (1.5 hrs)– £65
Small group session £65 or split it between 3 friends
Discounted block booking – Block of 6 for £350

What you will learn

  • How to gain greater strength, flexibility plus an ease and energy that will carry you through and support your demanding lifestyle.
  • How to create space within the body and move past places where you might have been stuck.
  • How to use short breathing and meditation techniques that will enhance your ability to relax, shift your focus and gain clarity.
  • That the perfect pose is not the goal, but the process and the journey has the most powerful effect on your improvement, attitude and well-being.

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending everyone has a 1-2-1 with Varvara, her intuitive approach to providing a yoga session to suit, amazed me. After our session, I spent the whole day feeling more grounded, the tension in my shoulders eased and I felt altogether calmer and able to take on the challenges of the day. I can’t wait for our next yoga session. Thank you Varvara x”  Vicks 

Yoga Class New Forest

Friday morning GROUP class – 10-11.15 am at Brockenhurst Village Hall. GROUP CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY ONLINE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

I first started yoga classes with Varvara 5 years ago. Being taught by Varvara is like I’m given a very special gift every week.

Throughout the class Varvara guides my practice. Making me feel completely safe and continuously supported. By the end of each class the difference in range of movement that I feel and the sense of well-being is profound.The whole experience is completely chilled.

I have practiced yoga for 30 years but since attending Varvara’s classes ‘it all adds up’ and makes sense. I feel connected.

I ALWAYS look forward to a class, by the end I feel like I’ve been given a long luxurious hug!

Varvara leads my practice gently and intuitively so that I come away from a class understanding my bodies capabilities – and often surprised what my body is capable of.

Varvara helps me to believe in myself.

I trust her to show me the way and I reap huge rewards.

Thank you Varvara 🙏 xxxx

“I feel so lucky to have found Varvara, she’s just a wonderful teacher and has really helped me learn to relax. Her instructions are very clear and she has magical healing hands.” Corrie 

Private Yoga Class restorative Yoga

My Workshops

Workshops in 2019

Get in touch to register your interest.

Vinyasa Workshop – This is either for total beginners that want to gain confidence before coming to a weekly class or for the well practised Yogi that wants guidance to enhancing their alignment and adjustments for them to go deeper into a pose. You will get to know and learn your modifications for your body as we work together.
We will primarily work on the sun salutations A and B and add in a couple of extra poses of your choice, alongside practising Yoga as a moving meditation, creating more softness within the strength of the poses.

Partner Yoga workshop – As well as this being a fun and light hearted workshop , it is mainly about connection and support that you gain from each other. By having this it shows us how much strength and alignment we can experience as well as deepening our breath by mirroring our partner. This is a great chance to take yoga into your family life and start to practice more at home.

An introduction to Yoga Nidra – If you’ve never tried Yoga or Yoga Nidra before this is a perfect place as any to start. Yoga Nidra, meaning sleep Yoga helps to reset the mind, slows the thought process down especially in times of stress and overwhelm when used on a regular basis, reducing anxiety and panic attacks. This guided meditation takes you on a deep journey tapping into the unconscious mind as you lay cosy on your yoga mat with your pillows and blankets in candlelight. This practice also enhances your visualisation skills and an inner connection with your whole being.

An introduction to mindfulness – Mindfulness is something we all possess but don’t often realize that by practising often can make life more meaningful. We practice using the senses, breathing techniques and visualizations and discuss how we can cultivate what we already know into daily practice to support a busy life, stress and anxiety.

Any of these workshops can be brought into any private or group session as a theme for a special gathering of friends and family.

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