“My Yoga practice is spiritually oriented and demonstrated in my daily life, by my conscious and wholehearted living.”

Private & Group Yoga Classes

in Lymington & The New Forest


My Yoga ‘style’ is a beautiful mix of strengthening but also softening and releasing asana (poses) to encourage you to let go. Incorporating Breath work (Pranayama),Alignment, Mindfulness and Challenges for focus and fun…..

Classes take a different type of energy all the time, so although I set the pace for the physical practice and meditations, it is my learning through what YOU need that will make it more Dynamic or gentle.

We always start with Pranayama(breathing techniques) and meditations which hold the foundation to all Yoga practices. Then we warm up with flowing and releasing stretches, that then move into sequences of poses (Asana) using the breath, and taking mindfulness and meditations into our movement. Savasana (corps pose/relaxation) is the place most love best and I always make sure there is plenty of time to work around the group giving a head, neck and shoulder adjust to relax you further. The natural care I give people add to the whole experience in class and make the time you’ve dedicated to feeling like it’s been well spent on YOU…

Private Sessions can be adapted to suit your personal goals and fit in with the busiest of lifestyles. Whether your focus is recovering from injury, developing your meditation skills to combat stress, increasing flexibility and strength or needing that 1-1 attention, this is a place where we can work together and where you can fully relax and feel in safe hands.

For that extra bit of self-care, you can also add a relaxing massage or reflexology to the end of your Yoga session.

Private sessions take place in my studio in the heart of Lymington. Choose to take the session on your own or share with up to two friends.

For more information please read Classes and Workshops. 

Warm wishes


“Regular Yoga will calm the mind and reduce stress as well as increasing strength and flexibility”

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